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You're Listening To The Colors

Learn to act in the void,
but don't slip off the end of your pretenses.
Light the candle and just let it melt
Into patient waves
Of riddled debasement
Of established discriminations, 
Those abominations!

People acting--
So mean to each other--
On a screen, you're out of reality,
In Ego's Playground;
The Author's Puppet-Master's Freedom Obfuscation.
Who we really are
Shines through each other Face to Face,
We can't simulate creation
Without losing Face to some of Nature's greatness.

And these norms bake in Education's Ovens
Teach you to be in or out,
But not above it.
Will we figure out
How to make changes here, now?

I want to float through the airstream
Into Everybody's Nobody Mind
So I can find out why I came here in the first place.
So I can roll my eyes
Toward the front of my brain,
And just listen to the colors sing.